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About Me

I am an Independent Filmmaker/ Editor originally from New Hampshire, come down to the big apple to see what's what.

While still up in New England, I was very active in the Boston film community, having worked on various small indie film productions in many capacities, as well as having been involved in the Boston Underground Film Festival, the Independent Film Festival of Boston, and Local Sightings run by David Kleiler.
My real strengths are in post-production, specifically editing and sound design, having worked on many projects in that capacity. I have experience using all of the major editing software platforms, AVID, FCP, Adobe Premiere, etc.—I have even cut actual synch film on a moviola flatbed. At present, I have both AVID and Adobe Creative Cloud on my personal system at home, along with Davinci Resolve Beta.
My Short film Sweetie, was screened at ten film festivals in 2008-09, and was picked up for distribution by Ouat! media in Canada after its festival run.
In 2009-2010, I wrote and produced my first feature-length film, titled Whatever Makes You Happy. The film played in competition at five festivals in 2011, most notably the Treasure Coast International Film Festival, where Whatever Makes You Happy was awarded best feature film. 
In my spare time, I write Speculative Fiction. My writing has been published in many digital and print magazines, including Analog Magazine, StarShipSofa, Andromeda Spaceways, and Utopia Science Fiction. Visit my fiction page here for a more complete writing bibliography. 

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